Things I wish I knew sooner...

As I sit her and reminisce about my past,  I was thinking how different my life would be if I knew some of these things sooner.  So, I thought I’d share them with you…


1. That we need to listen to hear each other, instead of listening in order to respond.

2. That forgiveness is something you do to free yourself.


3. That most of the things we worry about never actually happen.


4. That the loss of a loved one fu*king hurts, so say the things you want to say.


5. That we all see the world from a different perspective, have an open mind.


6. That old people tell the best stories.  Listen.


7. That being strong means its ok to be vulnerable.


8. That friendship is a priceless taonga.


9. That keeping a journal is literally writing your future.


10. That following the crowd never gets you very far.


11. That change is meant to be uncomfortable.


12. That when you experience discomfort from change, you always experience massive growth.  


13. That people you love can betray you but that’s no reason not to love.


14. That kindness is a super power.


15. That a random smile can save a life on any given day.


16. That sleep is life.


17. That most people have good hearts and will show you them if they feel safe.


18. That if someone took advantage of you it’s because you allowed them to take advantage of you.


19. That having boundaries is one of the keys to any good relationship.


20. That life expands to the size of your vision #MANAfesting


21. That if you keep being sent the same hurdles to climb, the universe is screaming at you to learn the bloody lesson.


22. That most people can’t read minds, so communicate clearly what you want.


23. That money is energy and you have access to an abundance of it, always.


24. That success and wealth can come from working 5 hours a week, not 60!


25. That working harder, really means working smarter.


26. That once you dream up the “what” the “how” always falls into place.


27. That regardless of where you come from, it’s about where you CHOOSE to go.


28. That releasing the shame of what happened to you in the past, allows you to live a free life.


29. That real success means being true to yourself, being your authentic self.


30. That you should live your life for you.


31. That no mater how hard you try and help someone to change, they won’t – unless they want to.


32. That trying to live up to the expectations of others can stop you from being who you were truly meant to be.


33. That you can be, you can do, and you can have absolutely anything you desire in life.


Love and light, Tania