Our Why

‘Real Talk’ has been created to establish a sense of belonging for all of us.

We understand how important it is to empower and inspire each other.

That’s why we have created the ‘Real Talk’ platform.  Where REAL people are able to share their REAL stories to inspire and empower others.

‘Real Talk’ will allow people to come together to encourage, support and guide each other, in a safe and comfortable environment.
New Zealand has some of the highest youth suicide rates in the developed world.  685 people died by suicide in New Zealand in 2019. Of this, 169 were Māori suicides and a total of 84 deaths were made up made up of rangatahi aged between 9-19 years old.

Each year, the rate of rangatahi suicide consistently equates to double that of non-Māori youth. This behaviour has a devastating and often long-lasting impact on the lives of people involved.

We know that the Real Talk kaupapa and kōrero is making a positive impact in Aotearoa, and can contribute to improving rangatahi wellbeing and reduce the likelihood of suicide for rangatahi.

Everything we do is about inspiring, encouraging and motivating our audience and beyond.

2021 Events

We are really excited about our 2021 Real Talk events!
Come and join us for some powerful and inspiring kōrero.

Porirua | Saturday 27th March 2021

6pm - 9:30pm |Te Manawa Auditorium, Āotea College Okowai Road

SPEAKERS: Tania Carr, Jessica Tyson, Raniera Rewiri, Pania Tepaiho-Marsh & Nix Adams.

WhanganuiSaturday 17th April 2021

6pm - 9:30pm |Wanganui Function Centre, 19A Purnell Street

SPEAKERS: Tania Carr, Jessica Tyson, Raniera Rewiri, Pania Tepaiho-Marsh & Paige Wainui

New PlymouthSaturday 22nd May 2021

6pm - 9:30pm |Zeal Taranaki (Zeal at The Mayfair) 69-71 Devon Street West, New Plymouth

SPEAKERS: Tania Carr, Jessica Tyson, Raniera Rewiri & Paige Wainui

NelsonSaturday 19th June 2021

6pm - 9:30pm | Location to be confirmed

SPEAKERS: Tania Carr, Jessica Tyson, Raniera Rewiri & Nix Adams

VIP Ticket | $109 | Includes:

  • Event entry

  • Preferred seating

  • VIP Goody bag

General Admissions | $69 | Includes:

  • Event entry

General Admissions - Rangatahi | FREE 

  • Free event entry for Rangatahi

Virtual Experience  | $29

  • Online access to the event from the comfort of your own home!

Our Real Talk 2021 Speakers

Read about Jess!

My name is Jessica Tyson but please call me Jess! I’m a reporter for Te Ao Māori news at Māori Television. 

I am the former Miss World New Zealand 2018 and have represented Aotearoa at multiple international beauty competitions. After winning MWNZ I started my charity Brave which works to help young people affected by sexual harm.

In 2014 I graduated my Bachelor of Communications Degree majoring in journalism so I have a huge passion for writing and getting information out there! My blog is based on anything and everything that interests me – like beauty, healthy eating, fitness, exercise, Māori, te reo Māori, news and raising awareness about important issues!


You can find her on Instagram @jessicatyson08


Or on her website here

Read about Raniera!

Raniera Rewiri (Te Whakatohea, Tūhoe, Te Arawa and Ngāpuhi) is proud to be both Māori and vegan and considers his journey to be about finding the connections between the two and how it can contribute to the wellness of tangata Māori, whenua and Māoritanga. He is driven by hauora, self-development, learning, supporting rangatahi Māori, being in nature and cooking/eating healthy food. His passion for personal growth is one of the main factors that to led his journey to become vegan which he openly shares on social media. Though he never set out to be a social media influencer, the followers came, drawn to his journey, and his following has now grown to over 17k people.  Public response to his online content has been positive with words of encouragement and amazement often found within the comment section. 

Raniera is now well known for his motivational preparation talk on Facebook and Instagram. He has also teamed up with his mum, Huia. to create their own food business called Tupuānuku as a vehicle to share his passion for improved wellbeing through plant-based kai. Through Tupuānuku, Raniera has also released an e-book titled Tupuānuku Eating Guide. This book gives an overview of veganism through a Māori perspective and how a plant based lifestyle impacts the human lifestyle. It also includes simple everyday recipes, shopping lists with money saving hacks and a four week meal planner.

One of the key ideas that Raniera portrays is veganism through a Māori lens. He describes an alignment between te ao Māori and a plant based diet with a key link between the two being the connection with the environment. He explains that it is our obligation as Māori to protect our land marks and one to do this could be to choose not to consume dairy and meat products.

Although none of his mahi explicitly uses the terms food sovereignty and food security, some of it can be considered as food sovereignty or security initiatives.

“Knowing who I come from and where I come from is embedded in me. That type of courage to navigate throughout life is installed in me. It’s in my blood. It’s in my whakapapa.”


He also hosts the podcast Planting Seeds, which shares inspiring conversations.


Read the full article here


You can find him on Instagram @plantbasedmaori


On his podcast Planting Seeds


On his YouTube channel @PlantBasedMaori


Or on Facebook @plantbasedmaori

Nicola ‘Nix’ Adams recently shot to Facebook fame after she posted videos of herself doing a make-up tutorial on her Facebook page Cooked Koreros With Nix.
But Nicola didn’t start her Facebook page as a platform to make funny beauty videos. It began as a way to help her reconnect with her children who she lost contact with after her son died and she began doing drugs. 
“Four years ago my two-year-old died, and I just lost everything.  There are a lot of families all over the world who can relate to what I have been through.  People from all over the world are wanting to catch up with me to talk about their daily struggles.
  “Whanau want help to get off drugs and alcohol and some want to be able to keep their children.”  Nicola hopes the success of her Facebook page will help her do just that.”
“I’m using this platform [Facebook] to talk about real sh*t. It’s not just for make-up, it’s not just about doing the perfect wings. It’s about real stuff, discussions (Korero) that my whanau can relate to “
Read about Pania!

Pania Tepaiho-Marsh (Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairoa) began hunting for her own mental health. Now she teaches other women to hunt free of charge, giving them skills to feed their children.


She prioritises women in need for her free trips – beneficiaries, solo mothers and survivors of trauma. The women don’t shoot for fun; they shoot to feed their families.

“We [women] don’t get taught how to change a tyre, we don’t get taught how to use a screwdriver, all these little basic things,” says Tepaiho Marsh.

“I want to break that dependency. When families fall apart, the kids so often end up with the women. We need to make sure those women – especially in an economic crisis like Covid – that these women are fine, that they can still feed their kids.”

As a young mother of two in a “very bad relationship” Tepaiho Marsh began her adult life as a beneficiary – entirely dependent on the state and her partner.

Looking back, she recalls her dependence as “terrifying”, with her “mana[power] and self-esteem” eroded to nothing.


Tall with a warm laugh and quick, kind eyes, Tepaiho Marsh says that as a younger woman she was unrecognisable; lost, traumatised, and feeling she had no way out.

“It was a rock-bottom time,” she remembers, her voice dropping.

“If you’re dependent on the state or a partner to feed you, you’ve handed over your independence to someone else, and that’s plain scary. You honestly feel like you can’t get out of it because you’re living week to week, sometimes day to day, depending on how bad it is. And you’ve handed your power over.”


Watch the documentary Wāhine Warrior here


Read the full article on the Guardian here


You can find her on Instagram @wahine_toa_hunting



Paige is a māmā of two beautiful children with her husband, rugby player Sean Wainui. She’s a theatre nurse and proud Māori wāhine from Wellington.


She has always had a passion for the health profession and is an advocate for those who cannot be an advocate for themselves.


She has overcome so much in her career and life on her journey. She is an inspiration for thousands and uses her platform to empower other wāhine to chase their dreams.


You can find her on Instagram @paaigefox


Or on her YouTube @PaigeFox

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