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Our Why

‘Real Talk’ has been created to establish a sense of belonging for all of us. 

We understand how important it is to empower and inspire each other.

That’s why we have created the ‘Real Talk’ platform.  Where REAL people are able to share their REAL stories to inspire and empower others.

‘Real Talk’ will allow people to come together to encourage, support and guide each other, in a safe and comfortable environment.

Your Hosts

Tania Carr

Read about Tania!

Tania, an ICF certified coach that works with entrepreneurial business owners.  She absolutely loves building genuine connections with people, and adding value to their lives.  Tania believes that women in business deserve to be empowered to have it all, whilst maintaining flexibility and balance.

Tania has spent the majority of her career building credibility in executive roles, providing strategies and guidance for a number of reputable multi-million dollar businesses.  Tania is also the Director of The Recruitment Hub, a nationwide recruitment agency that aligns with her coaching offering.

Utilising the platform she has created, she is on a mission to speak her truth, and to encourage and empower other women to share their stories also, to help break the vicious cycle of abuse and to keep our kids safe.

With a young, growing family, it was important to Tania to build a business that would provide that elusive work/life balance.   Mum to Shai, Ryleigh and Kayden, and Nanny to her moko River.

Siobhan Samuel

Read about Siobhan
✨Introducing… SIOBHAN SAMUEL
Co-Founder and event coordinator for the ‘Real Talk’ movement.
Siobhan has an extensive background in customer service and knew she was destined for big things in life.
As a young lady, she traveled overseas living in Italy and Australia but knew Porirua was home, her safe place where she wanted to start her family.
She has a massive passion for sport and fitness and supporting her circle is something that is important to her.
Siobhan is a talented hairdresser and proud owner of her two businesses, The Village Coffee Bar and Runway Studio, a destination with an amazing clientele which the community of Porirua can vouch for. Siobhan loves creating, and will often challenge herself with new ideas to continually stimulate her and support other women in business.
Mother of 4, Nixon 5, Quinn 4, Remmy, 2, Verra 10 months, and an incredibly supportive partner Dudley, she is certainly one busy wāhine.

Our Tauranga Speakers

Read about jessie!

Jessie is proud to call both Malaysia and New Zealand home having lived in both countries growing up. Her father is a South Indian/Sri Lankan Tamil and mother Scottish/English/Maori which Jessie credits as playing a huge role in shaping her as a person. 

Having worked within the entertainment industry from the age of 21 she’s done just about everything from winning a reality TV show, working as a presenter/journalist for TVNZ, as an executive producer for a production company making music videos for various well-known local artists and bands to even having a brief career as a successful recording artist and even co-writing a number one single before she decided she wasn’t cut out for show biz.

Leaving New Zealand with her partner – ex All Black Adam Thomson in 2013 she ended up living in Japan for nearly 6 years and that’s when she began to use social media as a creative outlet, a way to document her travels and connect with other people struggling with clinical depression and endometriosis. What started out as a way to not feel so alone accidentally grew into an online community of very loyal, very emotionally invested followers who appreciate Jessie’s honest, down to earth and vulnerable approach to life.  Since then Jessie has used her skills to focus on writing and creating content via her social media platform @Jessie_Guru where she shares everything from her extensive travels living abroad, health struggles with endometriosis and depression, navigating a mixed race relationship for the past 9 years to her love of cooking, plant based living and her passion for all things clean beauty and wellness. After feeling frustrated with the lack of diversity and inclusiveness within the beauty industry Jessie has spent the past year developing her own cruelty free, clean & sustainable beauty brand called Two Birds Beauty. 

She is passionate about uplifting and elevating minority communities and voices and has never been afraid to use her profile or public platform to advocate for causes close to her heart, especially within the BIPOC community. 

Read about Summer!

The radiant Summer Brons is a multi-talented mother of four, enjoying an idyllic seaside life on Tauranga’s golden shores.

Extremely gifted with beauty, make-up, style and design, Summer’s social media journey began as a creative outlet, but after being put on bed rest while pregnant in 2017, social media soon became her sole connection to the outside world.  Summer started to vlog her days, sharing the ups and downs of everyday life, she didn’t realise at the time that her actions would help shape the future face of social media.


In a time where most feeds were highlight reels, Summer went against the grain and instead shared the good with the bad. It struck a major chord with her audience, who quickly flocked to her in droves.  Summer’s refreshing honesty has paved the way for strong and genuine connections with her followers. Openly sharing her story of losing baby Carter at birth, Summer uses her experience to help support others dealing with loss and grief. She’s a beacon of hope, giving voice to the voiceless.

Summer loves to spend time outdoors or down at the beach, laughing and playing with husband Dan, and kids Jai, Cali, Sydney and Reign.

Nicola ‘Nix’ Adams recently shot to Facebook fame after she posted videos of herself doing a make-up tutorial on her Facebook page Cooked Koreros With Nix.
But Nicola didn’t start her Facebook page as a platform to make funny beauty videos. It began as a way to help her reconnect with her children who she lost contact with after her son died and she began doing drugs. 
“Four years ago my two-year-old died, and I just lost everything.  There are a lot of families all over the world who can relate to what I have been through.  People from all over the world are wanting to catch up with me to talk about their daily struggles.
  “Whanau want help to get off drugs and alcohol and some want to be able to keep their children.”  Nicola hopes the success of her Facebook page will help her do just that.”
“I’m using this platform [Facebook] to talk about real sh*t. It’s not just for make-up, it’s not just about doing the perfect wings. It’s about real stuff, discussions (Korero) that my whanau can relate to “
Read about VANESSA!

From humble beginnings in West Auckland to becoming the irrefutable Vanessa “Good Vibes” Goodson – owner and director of OMGNessStyling – Ness is the epitome of a true glow up from the inside out.

Ex flightie turned momtrepreneur – Ness’s vibrant energy, unwavering confidence and out of this world work ethic are what enabled her to begin to build her empire from scratch. She is currently the owner and director of OMGNessStyling and is extremely gifted at what she does as anybody who has seen her work would know. Her eye for design and ability to stay ahead of trends naturally formed a following on social media.

Ness’s driving force has always been her girls; Mila & Maddie. Ness is currently killing the single mama game – managing co-parenting with 2 baby daddies, running and expanding the business (& the brand as well). Dedicating as much time as she can to loving on herself, her daughters and figuring out this 30’s dating game in 2020!?

The journey has been real, and Ness has been through the ringer, however being open and honest about the realities she faced has allowed her followers to see a more raw side of Ness and her following has become a community of women empowering women. Working through traumas together, creating safe spaces and learning to love ourselves unapologetically.

Ness is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a boss, the most ultimate hype girl and just an altogether Baddie!

Hailing from Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga, La’sasha was raised in a small town, Shannon (Hanana).

La’sasha is buzzing at the opportunity to share the stage with such an incredible line up of wāhine toa, and is looking forward to inspiring others with her story of trying choices and testing experiences. 

It certainly has been a journey!

La’sasha strongly believes that no matter the choices you’ve made or the experiences you’ve faced, anything is possible. Choices and experiences don’t define you, they’re just part of your journey. 

The Next Event

We are really excited about our next Real Talk event!
Come and join us and hear stories from powerful and inspiring women.

Saturday 17th October

6pm – 9pm

Tauranga Yacht Club

90 keith allen drive, Sulphur Point, tauranga

VIP Ticket | $139 | Includes:

  • Event entry

  • Bubbles on arrival

  • Preferred seating

  • VIP Goody bag

General Admissions | $89 | Includes:

  • Event entry

Virtual Experience  | $39

  • Online access to the event from the comfort of your own home!

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