Ko Wai Mātou

Who we are

We are a whānau run business, on a mission to leave a legacy for the next generation.


Tania, Aroha, Renee, Suz, Ngaio & Celeste are all sisters, and Shaianne is Tania’s eldest daughter.

We are helping to break generational cycles.

We are all survivors of traumatic experiences, so we are passionate about using our platform to change the narrative, especially for our rangatahi. We are helping to shine light on traumatic experiences and normalise discussing these once ‘tabu’ topics.

Through this, we heal and show others who might be going through a similar path right now that they are not alone. Because when we speak, we heal, when we speak, we free ourselves, when we speak, we help others heal.

TANIA - Tumuaki

Ko Tania tōku ingoa.

I am the Tumuaki of Real Talk, and the driving force behind our Real Talk kaupapa.

It is important to me to utilise this platform as it is intended – to encourage people to speak their truth, to encourage, to motivate, to inspire and to empower all those we connect with.
If our kōrero can change or save one life, then it’s all worth it.

This is the legacy our whānau is passionate about leaving, it is our purpose.

I have a degree in the school of life, and the school of hard knocks. I spent the majority of my career building credibility in executive roles for reputable multi million dollar businesses.
I’m a certified Coach, I have a number of successful businesses, and I now focus on my strengths as a connector, so Real Talk and The Coaching Hub are totally aligned with my passion.

Tokotoru āku tamariki, ko Shai, ko Ryleigh, rātou ko Kayden.
Kotahi taku mokopuna, ko River tōna ingoa.

I am the eldest sister of all the sisters, and there are heaps of us lol

Love and light, Tania

Aroha - Kaiawhina

Ko Aroha tōku ingoa.

I am a Kaiawhina / Assistant for Real Talk. I make sure all our services, contractors and sponsors are aligned with our kaupapa.

I am sister number 2 and I am an Immigration specialist, I have a degree in Criminology and Pacific Studies, and I’m the best aunty everrrrr to all my nieces and nephews.

Aroha x

Celeste, Kaiawhina

Ko Celeste tōku ingoa.

My passion and studies lie within the field of social work and I am also training to become a qualified nail technician.

Tokotoru āku tamariki, Chevy, Billie, rātou ko Te Whetū.

I am sister number 6 (twin to Ngaio)

Celeste x

Renee, Kaiawhina

Ko Renee tōku ingoa.

I am sister number 3, a Lash Technician in my spare time and I have a huge love for nature and helping people.

Tokotoru āku tamariki….Che, Lano, rātou ko Nikau.

Renee x

Suz - Tangata Tari

Ko Suz tōku ingoa.

I am the Tangata Tari / Office Admin for Real Talk. I keep all the comms flowing smoothly, and am usually the one to answer the email requests.

I am sister number 4. I am a registered nurse, have I tried my hand at cosmetic appearance medicine too, and I’m definitely a fashion enthusiast.

Tokorua āku tamariki, ko Maia rāua ko Tawhiao

Suz x

Ngaio, Kaiawhina

Ko Ngaio tōku ingoa.

I own a Beauty Salon called Sorelle Beauty in Porirua with my niece Shaianne, and I was a teacher in my past life.

I have a very entrepreneurial brain, so I am always coming up with awesome ideas to grow.

Tokotoru āku tamariki, ko Kaiwahie, ko Apanui, rātou ko Te Korihi a Tui.

I am sister number 5 (and twin to Celeste)

Ngaio x

Shaianne - Kairuruku Kaupapa Nui

Ko Shaianne tōku ingoa.

I am the Kairuruku Kaupapa Nui / Events Coordinator for Real Talk. I make show our events run smoothly on the night, and that everyone is supported to provide the best experience for our audience.

I own a beauty salon with my Aunty Ngaio called Sorelle Beauty in Porirua. I also have a Degree in Business and Finance.

People think I’m sister number 7, and that’s how it feels, but I am actually Tania’s eldest daughter.

Kotahi tāku tama, ko River tāna ingoa.

Shai x

HUIA - Poutaki Whakahaere Kaupapa Nui

Ko Huia tōku ingoa.

I am the Poutaki Whakahaere Kaupapa Nui / Events Operations Manager for Real Talk. I make sure all the event venues, contractors and sponsors meet our requirements and align with our kaupapa.

I own Atahuia Wedding and Events, and am based in sunny Nelson.

My love language is acts of service so I’m perfectly aligned and passionate about everything I do.

Ko Jacob tōku hoa rangatira.

Tokotoru āku tamariki, ko Grace, ko Armani rātou Ko Lincoln.

Huia x

Ariana, Kaiako Ora

Ko Ariana tōku ingoa.

I am Kaiako Ora / Rangatahi Coach for Real Talk. I make sure EVERYONE is aligned with their purpose. I help coach all the rangatahi speakers, to support them safely on their journey.

I am a qualified PT, I am a certified Life Coach, I can sing, I can dance, and I’m an all round awesome human!

Ari x

EVE - Kaitohutohu

Ko Eve tōku ingoa. I’m the Kaitohutohu – HR Manager for Real Talk and I provide guidance and awhi to our speakers as well as our organising team so their hauora is front of mind as they work hard to bring this amazing kaupapa to our rangatahi.

Along with Ariana and Tania, I’m also a Kaiako Ora / Rangatahi Coach for Real Talk.  We create safe spaces that allow rangatahi to feel they are supported on their Real Talk journey.

I run my own business providing life coaching and rongoa maori services which allows me to plant seeds of support throughout our entire kaupapa. My life’s purpose is to whakamana (uplift) others so they are able to whakamana (uplift) themselves.

xx Eve

Hunter - Kaihautū Pāpāho

Ko Hunter tōku ingoa.

I am the Kaihautū Pāpāho / Social Media Manager for Real Talk. I make sure our branding is on point, keeping our audience updated with our upcoming events, and showing highlights of our past events.

I was the rangatahi Real Talk speaker for our Real Talk Whakatū event so I have experienced the magic of Real Talk. I am a qualified Real Estate Agent and I have a make up business Hunter Lee Beauty. You’ll find me active on my socials @hunterleekawana

Hunter x

Damian, Kaitohutohu Tikanga

Damian Hepi Te Huia is our proud Kaitohutohu Tikanga / Māori Advisor

Lucy, Kaiwaiata

Lucy Johnson is our Kaiwaiata / Vocalist for our Real Talk events. 

Lucy is a beautifully authentic wāhine Māori, and a very talented musician. We a so lucky to have her not only perform at all our Real Talk events, but she will also be sharing her story at Real Talk in 2022. 

Lucy is an advocate for growth, finding comfort in discomfort and empowering others through words -spoken and sung 🎶

Being scared and doing it anyway has been the biggest gift I’ve ever given myself.” 

He aha te mea nui o te ao?

He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata!