The BEST version of YOU!

You know how people tell you that in order to change your life, you have to do things differently than you usually do?

This thought can make you think to yourself – “where do I start”?  It could also trigger feelings of overwhelm because you might have to completely step out of your comfort zone!


What if you didn’t have to do anything extravagant or risky?

What if you just committed to doing the things that you always tell yourself you should do?


Things like getting up when your alarm first goes off. Visualisation, and journaling to keep focused on what is important.  Walking up the maunga 3 times a week. Writing about that idea that’s been sitting in your mind for too long (yes, these are all targeted at me).


I know you have habits or goals in the back of your mind that feel like they’re worth pursuing. And deep down, you KNOW you can do them if you embrace the temporary discomfort they’ll bring.


Ultimately, the challenge isn’t to do what you see other people doing. The challenge is to do what you’ve been telling yourself to do.


Think of it as the BEST VERSION OF YOU!


Imagine there’s a version of yourself who’s already done the things that you’ve been holding off from doing.


Think about what they’ve already accomplished and how you can get to that next level. Visualise what it could look like, feel the feelings of what it will feel like.

And then take some action.


When I am stuck with decision making, or having a blah day, I will ask myself –“what would the BEST version of Tania do right now?”  And that propels me back up to the level I like to play at.


Reflection question: What’s one simple thing you could do this week that will get you closer to the BEST version of YOU?