Privacy gives us the power to choose our thoughts and feelings and who we share them with.

Privacy is the right to be alone, free from interference or intrusion.

Privacy helps us establish boundaries to limit who has access to our bodies, places and things.


Sometimes we are limited with our physical privacy, we might come from a large whānau, we might share a room with someone, or be constantly surrounded by others. If you’re a parent, sometimes you don’t even have the decency of privacy when you go to the wharepaku!

Sometimes all the privacy you are left with is in your mind, the thoughts in your head, and it’s only you who gets to decide whether you want to share them….or not.


Privacy protects the information that we don’t want to share publicly, and when this privacy is breached it can leave you feeling a roller coaster of emotions, namely violated, confused and creeped out (speaking from experience)

Sometimes what is disclosed isn’t fully understood and may at times be misconstrued.  If the info isn’t meant for you, then leave it alone.

Privacy is about respecting each other. If a person wants to keep something private, it is disrespectful to ignore that person’s wishes.


Privacy is one of those things in life that you don’t realise how lucky you are to have it, until it’s gone. It literally changes the way you view the world, especially in cyber space, absolutely nothing is sacred there.

If you’ve done nothing wrong, and you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else, then you deserve to have privacy. You’re entitled to it.

There are some things we prefer to keep to ourselves, please give us the decency of privacy.