It's never too late

⏰ To be who you’ve always wanted to be
⏰ To do what you’ve always wanted to do
⏰ To learn something new
⏰ To go where you’ve always wanted to go
⏰ To change, To start over
⏰ To say “Yes”, To say “NO”
⏰ To say “I love you”, To say “I’m done”
⏰ To say “I’m sorry”, To say “You’re right”
⏰ To say what you’ve always wanted to say
⏰ To make things right
⏰ To quit your job & get a new one
⏰ To start a business
⏰ To wear the togs, To eat the cake
⏰ To be happy
⏰ To have a break, To take a nap
⏰ To put yourself first
⏰ To stand your ground
⏰ To try new things
⏰ To mend the bridges
⏰ To get your shit together
⏰ To let it go
⏰ To be honest with yourself and others
⏰ To work on yourself
⏰ To find new love
⏰ To do the “right” thing
⏰ To follow your dreams
⏰ To live a life you love
As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late x