The definition of Inspiration is:
The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
What I’ve observed in my time is that to be able to inspire others is a talent, a gift. To some it comes naturally, they are born to do it. Some people do it for money, some people do it to feed their ego, and some people do it because it’s their calling, they truly want the world to be a better place, and they know they have the ability to inspire many, just by being them.
I want to genuinely inspire you, so you can inspire someone else, and they can inspire someone else, and the cycle continues.
I want you to see that YOU are worthy, YOU matter.
I want YOU to LIVE, actually not just live, I want you to live your best life knowing that YOU are valued and YOU are LOVED.
I want to help set you up for success so you can set your tamariki up for success, set your whānau up for success, set your community up for success.
Our tamariki, our whānau, our community – they see you when you think they’re not watching, they hear you when you think they’re not listening.
You are inspiring them positively or you are impacting them negatively – you get to choose.
We only know what we know, from what we see, from what we hear, from what we do, from what we learn, from what we experience.  Inspire us to be better, inspire us to do better, inspire us to be decent humans.
Be an inspiration, inspire others, it’s contagious, and we need it ❤️ #bethelighthouse
T x