The definition of emerge is to: Move out of or away from something and become visible.
As we work on ourselves, we heal and we grow.  We find ourselves emerging into who we were destined to be in this world.
Healing and growth comes with a heightened sense of self awareness.  You can’t unsee or what you’ve seen, you can’t undo what you’ve already experienced, but you certainly can choose to get help so you can start to create a life that you WANT to live going forward.  You get to choose.
With all this healing and growth, it’s sometimes hard to stay connected to a person or relationship that no longer aligns with you.
We may even outgrow relationships if the person/people aren’t willing to grow with us.  This doesn’t come without pain, internal struggles, and almost a sense of grief for what you are needing to let go of.
It’s a big call and a tough call to make to cut people off, but if they aren’t aligning with your energy or respecting your boundaries, then it’s time to cuttie cut cut ✂️
On the flip slide, your growth might spark excitement and encourage others to heal and grow, and this is where the magic really happens.
Anywho… Some wise words that you can choose to take on board or discard…
❤️ Create boundaries to protect your energy…
– E tū kaha ana – stand strong, proud and unwavering.
❤️ If they say you’ve changed, you’re not the person that you once were…
– Own it, you chose to work on yourself for you,  not for them.
❤️ You are a lighthouse, confidently lighting the path for others…
– Don’t dim your light for the haters, they can walk a different path… Or put on some shades so they don’t burn their eyes.
❤️ If they wanna get on your waka and enjoy the ride together, all good…
– Don’t let them bring their negative heavy weight and sink your boat.
❤️ Trust the process…
– What is meant for you will be, what is not, won’t.
❤️ This life is yours to live… For YOU!
🌤 Just like the sun coming out from behind the cloud… this too could be your time to emerge.