Dandelion flowers are often overlooked as weeds as they grow in every type of soil, even on sidewalks and city streets.

They are disregarded as weeds by many people, but there is more to this flower than meets the eye.  A lot like some of us really! 


Let’s take a moment to look deeper into the symbolism of the Dandelion…


✨ Dandelion makes the only flower representing three celestial bodies during different phases of its life cycle – sun, moon, stars. The yellow flower of the plant resembles the sun, the dispersing seeds of the plant resemble stars, and the puff ball of dandelion plant resembles the moon


✨ Dandelion seed heads are commonly picked and blown to make a wish, spreading the seeds at the same time.   This has given the flower a strong association with hope and optimism.


✨ The humble dandelion is a symbol of hope, resilience, love, and happiness. The bright yellow colour of its petals represent the sun shining on all the good deeds in your life. The black seeds of this plant are said to carry wishes for prosperity and new beginnings with them as they fly away into the sky.


✨ They can even be viewed as symbols of a free-spirited soul, of innocence, and of playfulness.  You will see this in the eyes of your tamariki when they are given the chance to pick and blow one into the wind for themselves.


✨ The dandelion is able to survive anything from harsh winters, pollution, drought, even being stepped on.They can quickly bounce back from adversity and continue to grow.  A lot like some of us really!


✨ There is much more to dandelions than just their flowers—they also have parts that can be used to make dandelion tea, dandelion wine, or for medicinal purposes.


✨ A dandelion tattoo can also be seen as a symbol for freedom. It can represent a new beginning, and the ability to start over from scratch. The seeds blow away in the wind, and you may think that what’s done is done but it isn’t! With every single seed comes the hope of rebirth.


So, before you disregard something or someone as a mere “weed”,  look deeper, be kind, show love, and watch the beauty transform before your eyes.  A lot like some of us really!