Definition: the right, power, or opportunity to choose.
The choices we make define who we are and what we stand for.
From the moment we enter this world we are making choices almost every minute of every day.
Some are simple choices like what to eat, tea or coffee, what to wear, another piece of chocolate – or not.  Some choices are not so simple and can have a lasting impact on our lives.
The choice to do good seems easier when others are good to us.
The choice to do good becomes harder when others haven’t been so good to us. There is a natural tendency to want revenge, to make others hurt and suffer the way we did.
A massive choice to make – to forgive those who have hurt us, or not?
– Do I speak out about this, or do I hold it tight and suffer in silence?
– Do I stay and continue to surrender myself to him/her/they, or do I honour myself and choose me?
What about those that feel like they don’t have a choice, our kids who are going hungry, who are cold, who are neglected, who are growing up in poverty, witnessing some awful shit. Is this the result of poor choices from those that are supposed to be their caregivers?
– Do I continue being a punching bag and disregard what my kids are seeing? Or do I put my kids safety and happiness first and choose THEM?
– Do I close my eyes and pretend it’s not happening, or does it light a fire in my belly to do something about it?
– Do I intervene and make a scene, or do I mind my own business? (I know what I would do/have done)
– Do I get pissed off and express my anger or do I come from a place of love and kindness?
Sometimes the choices we make, can determine the actions they take.
Unfortunately too many of our kids are choosing not to wake up tomorrow. That is a choice they have made, and as we know, there’s no coming back from that 💔
We can, however, choose to be part of the solution. Questions to reflect on:
– Do I provide a safe space?
– Do I listen without judgement?
– Do I really hear what they are saying?
– Do I make them feel that I’ve got them, always?
– Do I tell them enough how much they mean to me?
– Do I tell them enough that I love them and support them?
Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.  
What will you choose?