Be Like Mint

Mint is probably one of the most resilient things you could ever grow. ⁠

Most people warn you to plant it in a pot or a tyre, so it doesn’t ‘take over’. ⁠
Plant it in the ground somewhere and it will go deep and sprout new plants in all sorts of places, even in the cracks of concrete. 🍃⁠
Mint is resilient.
Mint wants to survive.
Mint doesn’t give a fuck where you wanted it to be, it finds an opportunity and it thrives. 👏 ⁠
Don’t let people put you in a pot and decide where and how you can grow. ⁠
Grow where it makes you happy.⁠
Choose your direction.⁠
Fuck what they think you ‘should’ be, do and have.⁠
Be like mint 😎⁠

T x