A Little Girl

A little girl grew up doing what she was told to do.

She learnt to be submissive, even when the demands were confusing, scary or didn’t feel right.

She dare not question the instruction or demand.


She stayed silent and did what she was told to do, to try to keep herself safe from harm.

As the little girl grew into a young woman, she developed people pleasing tendencies.

She was always putting other people’s needs ahead of her own.


She was lonely, lost, unfulfilled and exhausted. She was drowning in self doubt, but she remained silent.

Then she started her healing journey.

She came to the realisation that she was indeed worthy, she was worthy asf!


She put boundaries in place and put her herself first, always.

Every decision she made needed to feel right.

Now she helps others do the same, in the hope that more people experience the “happily ever after”.