A Girl, A Woman.

A young girl felt unseen, unheard and unworthy.

An abused girl, kept her mouth shut.

A damaged girl didn’t want to be here anymore.
A scared girl jumped out the window, ran for freedom and never looked back.
A curious girl got knocked up at 16 years old.
A determined girl raised a baby.
A wise woman packed up her stuff and said “This f*d up sh*t ain’t for me”.
An independent woman created stability and financial freedom.
A busy woman had a rest.
A broken woman chose to heal herself and in turn heals others.
A confident woman stands up for what is right and is a voice for the voiceless.
A grieving woman questioned life.
A strong woman created boundaries and chose to live life on her terms.
A fulfilled woman gives and gives because she can.
A loving woman builds and shares connections.
A spiritual woman sees the world for what it is, and trusts what will be will be.
A content woman is a wife, a mother and a nanny.
A grateful woman is happy and blessed beyond her wildest dreams.
A selfless woman is leaving behind a legacy.
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