The Power of a Māmā

We as mothers grow our precious babies in our whare tangata, we keep ourselves safe and healthy so we can give our growing babies the best chance at life.  

At times we lose our identity, we lose our independence, we lose our ability to roam free as we once did.  

But, we always choose whats best for our tamariki, because if not us, then who?


We can’t always just put ourselves first.

And as much as we want to, we don’t always have the means to put ourselves first.

We can’t always come and go as we please.

We cant just abandon our kids.

We are often tired asf but we keep going ‘cos thats how we roll.

We absolutely choose not to use our tamariki as pawns in an often psychological game.


But what we CAN do is provide a safe space, where there is an abundance of love in our whare and reassurance that our tamariki are our priority.

We CAN continue to be strong role models who teach respect, love and kindness to ourselves and to others.

We CAN catch a breath, even if we have to stay up late and wait til the kids are fast asleep.

We CAN create a village and surround ourselves with an amazing support system.

We CAN ask for help when we need it, because we all know how much we need it sometimes.

We CAN say I LOVE YOU, over and over again so our tamariki embrace worthiness and know that they are enough, always.


We are māmās and we are māmās for life, it ain’t no part time gig!

This ones for all the hearty māmās out there, and the pāpās who are in the role of māmās. We the real VIP’s!