The Fixer

Sometimes we work so hard at trying to fix things.

Trying to fix things that are beyond repair.  
Trying to fix people that don’t wanna be fixed.
Trying to to fix things, or people that WE didn’t even break.
And yet, we continue to take it upon ourselves to try to fix things or people.
We carry the heavy load.
We carry the duty of care.
To the point that we almost break ourselves in the process.
Sometimes broken people like to try and break us too, that’s just the way they roll.
The reality is…
Things are broken.
People are broken.
You didn’t break them.
It’s not your responsibility to fix them.
You will only lose yourself trying to save something or someone else.
Stop burning out your own fire trying to keep everyone else warm.
Free yourself of the burden.
Let go of what isn’t yours to carry.
Focus on YOU.  
You have the power to fix yourself.
Honour yourself.
That is all.