She knows it’s ok to choose herself.
She speaks kindly to herself and others.
She respects herself.
She radiates positivity, love and hope.
She keeps moving forward, regardless of the hurdles.
She finds solutions as she knows no limits.
She challenges the status quo.
She is on fire when she’s in her element.
She gives all that she has to who and what she believes in.
She paves the way for all.
She lives her life with purpose.
She knows the legacy she wants to leave behind.
She thrives on seeing others succeed in life.
She is driven by her passion.
She strives to level up and evolve.


She is in a constant state of growth.

She holds a safe space to be vulnerable.

She sees you, she hears you.

She is healing herself and others by doing so.
She is focused on the impact she can make.
She is generous with her time and energy.
She creates boundaries to protect her energy.
She can sniff out bullshit and will call you out.
She is not afraid to speak her truth.
She has got your back, always.
She stands tall and proud, knowing her strength.
She wears her heart on her sleeve.
She knows when it’s time to let go.
She fucks up sometimes.
She learns the lessons from her fuck ups.
She needs her quiet time alone to recharge.
She shines her light and encourages others to do the same #bethelighthouse
She is me, she is you x