Inner Child

Everyone has an inner child that represents our earliest experiences and emotions.This inner child can embody both positive traits (playful, happy, excited) and negative traits (hurt, confused, scared).

I learnt as an adult that there was a little girl inside me who didn’t get the emotional support she needed as a young child.  She experienced some extremely painful, scary and traumatic things, things that no child should ever experience.  A lot of these emotions and memories were locked away in a deep dark space inside my mind.

Many adults don’t think that their childhood has an impact on them later in life, but it definitely does.  Just look at the numerous people struggling with mental health issues and addiction. I’m a strong believer that many of them are battling with a dysfunctional or traumatic childhood that they haven’t really dealt with at the core level.They’ve been numbing themselves, to cope with it all.

If you’re feeling the pain of an inner child that has been hurt, there are steps that can help you begin to heal.Taking the time to acknowledge and reconnect with this vulnerable part of yourself is the first step in a journey towards healing. I have personally experienced the benefits of healing past wounds and trauma, and it has been life changing for me. 


Things you can say to your inner child…



“Dear inner child, you have struggled with hatred and shame, but it’s not your shame to carry.  You didn’t do anything wrong and none of what happened to you was your fault”


“Dear inner child, I’m sorry for what you experienced growing up. My actions, such as ignoring or suppressing feelings may have contributed to your pain and for this, I am truly sorry”.


“Dear inner child, i know that you’ve been trying to get my attention. I know that when I tried to keep you quiet, it must have hurt you deeply and made you feel like your voice didn’t matter.   But it does matter, and I’m fully listening now, I hear you loud and clear and I am here for you.  This is a safe space”


“Dear inner child, you’re a survivor. Despite feeling scared and alone, you persevered. You’re brave, a warrior and a true wahine toa.  You’re using your experiences and your voice to help heal yourself and to help heal others.” 


“Dear inner child, I appreciate you for being so resilient and courageous. Thank you for being you, even in the toughest of times. I’m grateful for every part of you – the strength and courage, the wisdom and protection.”


“Dear inner child, I love you. You may not have felt loved at times when you were little but please know that you have ALWAYS been loved. I am here to love and support you, unconditionally”


Dear inner child, you are sooooo worthy and you are always enough. Stop basing your decisions on others or trying to please them.  Your wants and needs are absolutely valid”


We are learning to work together, getting the best of both worlds.  Little me wants to be free, happy, have fun and play and other times I encourage her to chill and let adult me handle things.


“Dear inner child, you can release the past. You can let go and live in the present with peace, love, happiness, safety and freedom.”


Not everyone can do their healing work on their own.  Deep, emotional work like this can bring up very powerful feelings, especially if you have been suppressing them for years. Give yourself permission to reach out for support if you need.

T x