One of my clients wrote this for ME!  
…Or was it for HER? 
…Or is it for YOU?

her story.

” She’s older now.  More fragile than in her younger years.  Well, physically at least.  Maybe even her heart is more fragile, she’s unwilling to part with all of it, even the broken parts, just yet.

Every time it has been broken, it’s taken her longer to put back together.  Longer to fill those gaps left by the aches.  Each of those aches and breaks, broken by one or two of the same people… Yet, every time they’ve broken her heart, her power has become stronger.

Her will: stronger. 

Her mind: stronger. 

She didn’t know that in the beginning of course, she just thought she was finding a way to get out of her situation.  She didn’t know this was destiny’s way of gearing her up for the biggest fight of her life. 

Starting out like a super hero would’ve been too easy. 

It would mean that she already came equipped with at least a costume and weapon, a trusted advisor and even a cohort or gang… which would also imply that she had deathly enemies waiting in the shadows for her to let her guard down and launch an attack.  She had none of these things.  Not even a real enemy who might’ve wanted to “kill her”.  No.  Instead, she experienced assholes and asshole situations – which just built her up for the fight – and yet through it all, she maintained her poise.

Her grace. Like a Queen she was.  She didn’t let her guard down.  She quietly worked on building up her courage, building up her resilience, building up her money… She gave herself and her heart, the home, safety and security she had been cheated of time, and again, to heal.

Here, in her haven.  She encouraged herself.  Loved herself. And let her badass shine through. “

- Anonymous Client