I look back on the years that have passed, and I think about the person I was 5 years ago, the person I was 2 years ago,  gosh, even the person I was 1 year ago. And man I’ve done some learning, some healing and some growing.
I have boundaries.
I protect my energy.
I don’t give a fuck about what others think of me.
I have strong morals and values.
I live my life for me.
I know when I am approached with obstacles or challenges, it’s about the lessons that come from it.
I know I will experience in this lifetime what is truly meant for me.
They say the universe works in mysterious ways, but I know the power of MANAfestation and what we put out, we will receive.
I have purpose.
I know the legacy I want to leave.
I have passion.
I have my soul tribe.
I know my people.
I have freedom.
I get to choose.
I have happiness.
I literally want for nothing.
On another note, I’ve gotta say, I really want to acknowledge couples who remain together, who support each other and grow together, it is extremely admirable.  It is very rare to see these days, and it truly is a gift.❤️

The end.