Essence, by Tania

I’m a true believer that those who have the ability to hold space, to make an impact, to make change, ultimately have a responsibility to do so. I absolutely knew this was my calling, this is my passion, this is my purpose in life.
People that have the ability to inspire and heal are mostly people that have stared into the face of pain and suffering, and we find ourselves staring right back. We’ve been there, we know.
We are a product of all of the adversity we face, and often we create or recreate ourselves through all that adversity and in the process we inspire others to do the same.
I have learnt that healers don’t necessarily have to heal anyone, but as we go through the healing journey ourselves, in turn we empower others to do the same.
The Real Talk kaupapa is the essence of empowerment – of self and of others. Full of the most incredible selfless kaikōrero who lead and inspire as they share their stories.
I have never felt so aligned in my life. Everything that I have been through, everything I have worked so hard for, has all seamlessly come together, and not just for me.
Real Talk has a beautiful way of connecting souls, and anyone that joins the Real Talk whānau or attends our events will tell you about the mauri you feel, the wairua you feel, and the awesome things that unfold from being part of this journey.
T x