Because I am a Māmā, and that’s what we do.

**TRIGGER WARNING** – content may be upsetting to those experiencing this too.
This is dedicated to all the Māmās out there, said with love.  I am learning to be vulnerable, and for me this is the pinnacle.
Being a parent – the hardest job in the world, let alone being the parent to a child on the spectrum!!!!  
There is great power in sharing our stories, so if this resonates with you, or makes you feel less alone, or you feel called to share some wisdom with me, it is welcomed 😊
💗 To all the Māmās out there who……
– Have tears in the backs of their eyes, but holding it together in fear of being seen as weak
– Have  tears flowing down their face, because they finally have the courage to cry
– Struggle to ask for help, or are silently screaming for help, but feel like nobody is listening
– Are advocates for their kids, constantly visiting GPs, teachers, principals, psychologist, and paediatricians in the hope for help
💗 To all the Māmās out there who…….
– Have judged their own parenting skills, and been judged by their parenting skills
– Have gone to parenting class to learn all the coping tools  
– Run to a tight routine because that’s what helps keep the peace
– Wash the same clothes over and over because that’s all their child will wear
💗 To all the Māmās out there who……
– Are reprimanded by other parents because your child keeps hurting theirs
– Get the sad eyes from the teachers because they have to report the daily ‘incidents’ to you
– Don’t invite people over in fear of the pending eruption that follows
– Wonder how something so small, so tiny, so beautiful can be so angry and so F*#@ing strong
💗 To all the Māmās out there who……..
– Get punches to their heads or kicks to their faces or bites on their arms from their little mini me street fighters in a state of rage
– Have bruises on their bodies that are a constant reminder of how hard it can be
– Have bruises, not on outside, but on their inside, because they are constantly beating themselves up
– Are like a dog with a bone, fighting to be heard, fighting for something to be done
💗 To all the Māmās out there who……..
– Are tired, exhausted, empty and feel sorry for themselves
– Have to suck it up and go to work too
– Dream of sleeping all weekend long, uninterrupted, but wake up every day with the strength to keep going
– Who are grateful, celebrate and cherish the beautiful days
💗 To all the Māmās out there who……..
– Have damaged property, broken treasures, from the constant uncontrollable rage of their small person
– Worry constantly and feel guilty about the effects this has on their other kids too
– Just want to give up because it’s all too hard, but have sooooo much love, and just keep on giving
– Continue to smile, even though they have a constant lump in their throat, and are dying on the inside
💙 To all the Pāpās out there who…….
– Are on this journey too
– Are giving the Māmās a break
– Are fiercely loving their tamariki
– Are supporting their whānau through this
– Realise that we need you too
I hear you all, I see you all. I feel you all.
This journey is as much about US as it is about our tamariki.
We need to be the lighthouse, because it can be dark for them and we are there to light their path, to help guide them on their journey through life.
**The bruise on my arm has been there almost a week now, I cry every time I look at it, because it reminds me that it is F*#@ing hard at times being a Māma, but I keep soldering on.
Because I am a Māmā, and that’s what we do.

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Nāku noa, nā