Real Talk Kaupapa

Ko te whāinga o te kaupapa a Real Talk – Kia ora ai tō tātou tīnana, kia ora ai tō tātou hinengaro, kia tau ai tō tātou wairua.

The Real Talk platform has been created to encourage, motivate and inspire others with a focus on the collective health of our mind, body and soul.

Our kōrero is all about “It doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s about where you choose to go” 

Our tagline is

Real Talk. Real People. Real Stories.

The thing is, we should be using our story to free ourselves from the weight that quite often weighs us down and holds us back. We should be utilising our voice to not only help ourselves, but to also recognise that is there is a massive power in telling our story to initiate change, to literally change someone’s life, and to add value to your own life through doing so.

We all have a story. Your story is not worse than mine, nor is it better. You see, we shouldn’t be comparing stories and compartmentalising them into categories of better or worse. It is important to remember it is OUR story and it has helped to shape us into the people we are today. It has helped to shape our values, our beliefs, our morals. We are the product of our story.

In November 2019, I took the stage for the first time and told my story. The good, the bad, and the ugly. A story that I had locked away for so many years, because of the fear of people perceiving me for something other than what I had worked so hard to create.

The person I am now is sooooo different to the person that stood on that stage. I am now living and breathing my true self, and on a journey to share the message far and wide. It is time for us to stop sweeping things under the carpet, it is time for us to stop wearing the shame, the shame that is NOT OURS TO CARRY.

So, we have created an opportunity for YOU to tell your story! We have created a space for YOU to step into your true self and embrace the freedom that your story will create for you. In the hope that you can relieve yourself from the burden of carrying that weight any longer, and to encourage others to do the same.

Real Talk Co-Founders

Tania Carr

Read about Tania!

Tania, an ICF certified coach that works with entrepreneurial business owners.  She absolutely loves building genuine connections with people, and adding value to their lives.  Tania believes that women in business deserve to be empowered to have it all, whilst maintaining flexibility and balance.

Tania has spent the majority of her career building credibility in executive roles, providing strategies and guidance for a number of reputable multi-million dollar businesses.  Tania is also the Director of The Recruitment Hub, a nationwide recruitment agency that aligns with her coaching offering.

Utilising the platform she has created, she is on a mission to speak her truth, and to encourage and empower other women to share their stories also, to help break the vicious cycle of abuse and to keep our kids safe.

With a young, growing family, it was important to Tania to build a business that would provide that elusive work/life balance.   Mum to Shai, Ryleigh and Kayden, and Nanny to her moko River.

Website www.thecoachinghub.co.nz

Instagram @thecoachinghubnz

Facebook @thecoachinghubnz

Siobhan Samuel

Read about Siobhan
✨Introducing… SIOBHAN SAMUEL
Co-Founder and event coordinator for the ‘Real Talk’ movement.
Siobhan has an extensive background in customer service and knew she was destined for big things in life.
As a young lady, she traveled overseas living in Italy and Australia but knew Porirua was home, her safe place where she wanted to start her family.
She has a massive passion for sport and fitness and supporting her circle is something that is important to her.
Siobhan is a talented hairdresser and proud owner of her two businesses, The Village Coffee Bar and Runway Studio, a destination with an amazing clientele which the community of Porirua can vouch for. Siobhan loves creating, and will often challenge herself with new ideas to continually stimulate her and support other women in business.
Mother of 4, Nixon 5, Quinn 4, Remmy, 2, Verra 10 months, and an incredibly supportive partner Dudley, she is certainly one busy wāhine.


Real Talk Kōrero

We take our audience on a journey so they can see that it really doesn’t matter where you have come from, what you have been through, it is about where you choose to go.
We let them know that it safe to speak about what they have experienced in their lives, and that we don’t have to be whakamā, we don’t have to live in silence, we don’t have to hide our secrets anymore, because when we speak – we heal. When we speak – we provide inspiration for others.
When we speak – we are freeing ourselves of something that was not our fault.
The subjects covered in our kōrero start with but are not limited to the subjects listed below:

Suicide and triggers and coping mechanisms


Mental Health awareness


Sexual & physical abuse


Gangs & domestic violence


Drug and alcohol addiction


Teen pregnancy


Death & grief


Career & business aspirations

Our Chosen Charity

Kura Kai


At Kura Kai our kaupapa is simple, we raise funds to provide freezers to NZ high schools, we build groups of volunteers that cook meals and we donate these to the school freezers.  We feel very honoured to be able to be helping our rangatahi this way and hope that these meals will give them and their whānau just one more reason to stay in school and focus on their education.  We are in 19 high schools around NZ and want to grow!

When you buy a ticket to any Real Talk event, you are given the option of making a donation to Kura Kai.  Please donate and help us feed our tamariki and whānau

If you would like to donate to Kura Kai, click the button below